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Welcome to my little Website all about video games and video game technologies both new and old that I've developed over the years.

So, why should you care about this little corner of the interwebs? Well, other than being a bloody nice bloke, I've been developing commercial video games for the last thirty odd years on pretty much all the home computers and consoles you've heard of (and some of the doomed ones you probably haven't).

If you want a full breakdown (*cough* CV *cough*) of the stuff, warts 'n all, that I've done over the years
CLICK HERE for some blatant self promotion.

Sit back, relax, and have a potter about the site - there might be something that takes your fancy, if not, it'll sure help cure anyone with insomnia!


This site contains some older retro games content, and as a consequence is littered with pictures of developers from the eighties.

Turn away now if you're prone to laughing apoplectically at outrageous haircuts*, dreadful jumpers** and subterranean offices!

  • Unfortunately, most of the aforementioned jumpers, rather embarrassingly, belonged to me!
  • Actually, back then, when I HAD some hair, it wasn't remotely outrageous or trendy for that matter!